Marmaris has long been recognised as a great place to take a holiday but what many people do not realise is we also have fantastic Scuba diving. Sunshine filled days, with crystal clear, warm water and plenty of marine life to see, you can be guaranteed some great diving here in Turkey. At Aquaholics we make sure we vary the dive sites we visit for each dive. To make sure qualified divers get the best experience possible we do not mix beginners with qualified divers so choose the dive sites to suit your experience and qualifications.

  • Shore Diving

    If you want a quick dip from the beach or a great dive after a refresher course our house reef is just for you. As well as meeting plenty of aquatic life and our large group of friendly sea bream, you will also swim through rock gullies and can even visit our speed boat wreck. House Reef is also a great opportunity for those who want to practice their buoyancy and other skills in a safe and shallow environment.

  • Boat Diving

    We have something to suit all levels and options that can please all budgets. From our high speed large RIB which offers great diving but just takes a short time to get to the dive sites or charter a luxury yacht join for a day out with your family & friends.

    When diving from the RIB we can be flexible and arrange this around your schedule, you can choose one or two dives – a great option for you when you want to fit a lot in to your holiday. We usually make 2 dives before lunch leaving you with time to enjoy your lunch and relax on the stunning blue flag beaches at D Hotel Maris whist we wash the dive gear.

  • Night Diving
    When the sun goes down you will be amazed at the amount of marine life that comes out, it really is another world. When we dive at night, we dive from the shore at our house reef. Night diving is exciting and there really is nothing like it, we go in to the water at dusk and have a shallow dive, it’s fun, exhilarating and we guarantee you really will be surprised at what you can see down there. Torches are available to buy or rent from the dive centre.
  • Refresher Course
    Has it been a while since you have been scuba diving? Do you feel like your scuba skills and dive knowledge are a bit rusty? The Scuba refresher course is just what you need. It reconnects you with diving so that you’re back to feeling comfortable in the water and in only a couple of hours. It doesn’t matter who you trained with or what agency your certification is from. As long as you are qualified to dive, we can refresh your skills. Completing your Scuba Refresher at Aquaholics is a great way to refresh your knowledge and skills in a safe environment before going out on the boat. This course is available online so you can study before coming away on holiday. (Recommended for divers who have had a long break from diving.)